Closing the loop

The evolution of Merriweather has taken us to strive toward becoming as sustainable as possible, fully aware that this means different things to all of us we are taking it in a direction of being able to process all of what is traditionally looked at as “waste”. Changing our paradigm around this and looking at it as yield we have been able to achieve a closed loop system. With constant tinkering and adjustment our kitchen team has been able to divide most of our spare yield  to make compost piles with our farm partners  also taking it to the roof top of Merriweather where it is put through worm farms and hot composting turners to fertilize the soils that this industry normally takes so much of. 


Feel free to ask one of our friendly staff to take you up to the roof top to see what we take so much pride in being able to achieve.

Creating a closed loop of nutrients and at the same time building stronger community ties we are on our way to creating something special in South East Queensland’s food identity 

Check out Instagram @merriweathercaf to see posts relating to this effort. But most importantly if you want to contribute to this system then make your money count and spent it where is makes a difference.